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The STW Development Foundation serves a variety of donors who share a common concern: supporting all that is good in the region.  Through the STW Development Foundation, individuals, families, businesses, non-profit organizations, and other foundations create permanent charitable funds that help the region meet the challenges of changing times.

Establishing a fund with us is a quick, simple, and rewarding process. Following an initial conversation with a staff or board member to discuss the donor's wishes, the donor determines what type of fund is most appropriate.  A draft fund agreement is then presented to the donor who has the opportunity to make revisions.  After this agreement is approved and signed by the donor and a STW Development Foundation representative, the fund is officially opened.

T0 accommodate the varying needs and interests of donors, we offer several types of funds.  Donors may add to their funds at any time, and others may contribute to any fund within the STW Development Foundation.  All donations are tax deductible.  Staff regularly reports to donors who establish funds regarding their fund's financial performance and grant distribution.

Perhaps one of the most gratifying benefits of creating a fund with the STW Development Foundation is that it allows a donor to establish a permanent legacy in his or her family name.  This legacy will provide ongoing support to the organizations and causes that are most important to the donor.

There are no minimum requirements to open a fund; however, funds must reach $5,000 within a reasonable period of time before grants can be made from the fund.  CLICK HERE for a brief description of each fund.