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Also referred to as unrestricted funds, discretionary funds give the STW Developments Foundation the greatest flexibility in responding to present and future charitable needs of the region.  Donors contributing to or creation a discretionary fund rely on the expertise of the STW Development Foundation Board and staff to identify and evaluate the most effective use for the fund.

Field of Interest
A field-0f-interest fund allow the donor to invest in a specific area he or she cares about within the STW Development Foundation's eligible activities.  With this option the donor relies on staff's knowledge and experience to identify organizations capable of making the greatest impact in the specific area that motivates you most.

Donor Advised
A donor advised fund gives donors the privilege of suggesting the eligible organizations or communities to receive grants.  While the decision remains with the STW Development Foundation, it listens closely to its donors and does its best to honor their recommendations that are consistent with the STW Development Foundation's charitable objectives.

A designated fund allows donors to name specific charities as the recipient of the distributions generated by the fund.  Designated funds allow donors to support specific charities while the Foundation makes sure the grant remains relevant over time and responsive to changing circumstances.

Administrative Endowment
Contributions to this fund are made to support the operation of the STW Development Foundation and its activities.  The principal income and this fund may be used to defray current operating expenses at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Income from this fund in excess of current administrative needs of the STW Development Foundation may be use to augment the income from the discretionary fund.

A community fund is a permanent charitable endowment that specifically supports non-profit, government, and other public agencies with a particular defined area. Local citizens knowledgeable about the area serve as the grantmaking advisors. Grants focus on building the assets and resources that already exist in the community to increase economic development opportunities, enhance the quality of life, and promote civic betterment. Each Community Fund Advisory Board is encouraged to review and recommend local discretionary grants to the STW Development Foundation who retains the authority to award and administer any grants made.

Agency Endowment
A non-profit organization that may have received a bequest, charitable remainder trust, or a previously established endowment may establish an agency endowment fund within the STW Development Foundation. The Foundation provides professional management of the endowment relieving the organization from the administrative burden and allowing the non-profit to focus on its mission. Donors may add to these funds at any time and in any amount. An agency endowment fund carries a $10,000 minimum.


Acorn funds - as the name implies - are funds that start small and grow as dollars are "planted" within it. A donor who wants to establish a fund with a limited (minimum of $200) initial contribution can create an acorn fund. Acorn funds allow donors to invest in the future in installments. Grants can be made from acorn funds after they reach the $5,000 minimum and are converted to an endowment fund. 

Under certain circumstances the STW Development Foundation will accept and manage non-endowed, temporary flow-through funds designated for a specific charitable purpose that benefit the region and are consistent with the mission of the Foundation. Flow-through funds are good if you want to make a contribution to a worthwhile project or service in your community; either alone or with others, and if you want the full amount of your gift to be available now. You create or add to a non-permanent pass-through fund, the principal amount and any earnings of which are disbursed for the specified purpose. The tax advantage to the flow-through donor is that he or she gets an immediate tax deduction when the gift is made.