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You will be kept informed on any authorized communication between the client and the STW Development Foundation.

Community Impact
The STW Development Foundation can help individuals target their dollars toward projects that will meet the community's most pressing needs and promising opportunities.

Client and/or professional Advisor consultations are kept totally confidential.

There is no cost for consultation to either you or your client for assessing the services of the STW Development Foundation.  We strive to help regardless of the benefit to the Foundation.  As a public charity, we are committed to building community capital in any form.

Convenient Services
The STW Development Foundation is structured to make powerful charitable giving easy, flexible, and effective for clients and their advisors.

Through the STW Development Foundation an individual, family, company foundation, or charitable organization can create a fund that carries out well-defined interests and wishes.

Gifts in Perpetuity
Through placing permanent gifts with the STW Development Foundation, your client has the opportunity to give a gift that keep on giving - - one that creates a legacy of how they want to be known in the community now and forever.

Give Where You Live
As an Advisor you help keep the charitable living assets here in our region where your clients live and work.

Because the STW Development Foundation is structured to benefit all charitable entities, you will not be placed in the position of favoring one particular charity as you make recommendations to clients.  The STW Development Foundation is not in competition with other non-profits.

If the original purpose of the fund becomes obsolete, the STW Development Foundation's Board has the legal authority to redirect the fund to the most closely-related use without a lengthy and costly court proceeding.  The incorporation of the variance power is a distinguishing characteristic of a community foundation - - it gives donors the assurance that their original intent will be fulfilled despite altered circumstances.

The STW Development Foundation can offer your client's anonymity or recognition in perpetuity with as much or as little involvement in the granting process as they would like.

The STW Development Foundation is a referral source.  If we don't immediately know the answer to your client's situation, we will research the information or refer you to someone who does.

Responsible Stewardship
An active Board of local community leaders manages the STW Development Foundation.  They oversee its administration and grantmaking, and are directly responsible to donors and the community.

The STW Development Foundation guarantees sound and flexible administration.  Our volunteer Board sets policy and approves all grants.

All your clients charitable needs can be handled through one vehicle.

Donors can establish their own unique philanthropic fund while avoiding complications of a private foundation.

Tax Benefits
The STW Development Foundation offers better tax incentives than either private foundations or other non-profit organizations while accomplishing the same goals.

Donors may give cash, stock, closely held securities, real estate, or personal property and receive maximum tax benefits.