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Five Steps to Strategic Philanthropy

1 ~ Define Your Passion ~

Create a strategic plan starting with understanding what kind of difference you want to make.

2 ~ Create Your Plan ~
Start by asking yourself - - if I could change three things about my community, what would they be?

3 ~ Determine Your Giving Level ~
There are a variety of ways to determine what level of giving is right for your budget and tax situation.  You can get help online at   

4 ~ Implement Your Strategy ~
Once you know what types of projects you want to support, you can befin to make gifts to charities working on those issues.

5 ~ Review and Update Your Plan ~
You should review and update your plan on a regular basis as your passion and financial situations may change.  We can help you involve your entire family in your philanthropy with tax advantages over a private foundation, and without the administrative headaches.

Benefit the Community for Generation to Come
A permanent fund with us will still be working for the community you love for decades and generations to come. You can endow a fund to carry out a very specific purpose, or address a broad area of interest. Create an unrestricted endowment and we'll use your gift to meet the community's most pressing needs - even those we can't foresee.

Streamline Corporate Giving 
Outsourcing your company's charitable giving program to us removes the grantmaking and administrative burden from your staff; while your company's name remains on all contributions. Add to your corporate fund in years when profits are high and contributions are tax-wise, while maintaining a steady annual flow of grants from your fund to meet community expectations every year.

Simplify My Annual Charitable Giving
A donor-advised fund is a great way to simplify your annual charitable giving. The receipt for your gift is the only documentation you need for your tax return. As a donor-advisor, you may periodically submit a list to us of organizations you'd like to recommend for grants from your fund. We take care of all check- and letter-writing, and send copies to you.  All contributions are made in the name of your Fund, or anonymously, if that is your preference.

Focus on-or Learn About A Specific Issue 
Our professional grantmaking staff is at your service to help you learn about causes you care about and to research organizations and programs you're interested in. We can forward proposals to you, offer opportunities for observation visits to potential grantees, and even help you meet other donors with similar interests.

Memorialize or Honor Someone Special
We'll help you design a charitable program that best reflects your Fund's namesake. We're equipped to receive and acknowledge large numbers of gifts in a short period of time, as well as carry to out your charitable plan over the years that follow. 

Make a Gift Now and Receive Income for Life
We can work with you and your legal or financial advisor to set up a gift vehicle that will generate income to you for your lifetime, with a charitable tax deduction in the year you make the gift. When you use appreciated securities to make such a gift, no capital gains tax is levied; and if you contribute low-yield securities, you may actually increase your income from those stocks. Plus you've made the current value of those securities available for charitable purposes.