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How can I create a fund?
Creating a fund with us is easy and straightforward.  As a donor you have considerable flexibility in deciding how your fund will be managed to meet your charitable goals.  We can provide a simple agreement form that you should then review with your attorney or financial advisor.

What's the best time to give?
You may create a fund during your lifetime or through a will or trust arrangement that benefits both your family and your charity.  Tax deductions are earned at the time of the gift, while grant making from your fund continues into the future.

Can I name my fund?
With a contribution of $5,000 or more, you may name the fund after yourself or your family, or create a memorial to someone special.  Every grant made from the fund will carry the name you choose.  If you prefer anonymity, you can choose a name that reflects your fund's charitable purposes.

What kinds of assets can be used to create a fund?
You can use almost any kind of asset to start a fund, including cash, publicly-held stock, etc.  With prior approval by the Board of Directors, you can also use real estate and tangible personal property to establish a fund.  Gifts of long-term appreciated property earn tax deductions for their full market value, while eliminating any tax on the capital gains.

How much does it cost to establish a fund at the STW Development Foundation?
It costs nothing to set up a fund.  The donor contributing agency simply signs a fund agreement provided by us.  Each fund (except flow-through and administrative funds) are subject to two fees:

~ Annual Administrative Fee of 1.5% is assessed to the total market value on the last day of each quarter.  This fee is set by the Board of Directors and is used by the STW Development Foundation to support its administrative costs.

~ Funds are subject to an Investment Management Fee for custody of assets and investment management.  These fees are based on the market value of the funds under management.

Is there a minimum gift to start a fund?
There are no minimum requirements to open a fund; however, funds must reach $5,000 within a reasonable period of time before grants can be made from the fund.

Are there many community foundations?
Yes, over 600 in the U.S. in almost every major city, state, or region.

Can I get my money back if I change my mind?
No, the gifts are irrevocable and donors may have already taken a tax deduction of their gifts.

How are you different from the United Way?
The United Way operates like a community checking account - it has an annual drive and distributes all it raises to qualifying charities.  We operate more like a community savings account - we create and manage permanent endowments making grants with the income for a wide range of community and regional issues.

Can I be involved in making grants from my fund?
Yes.  If you choose a donor-advised fund, you can select an advisor from your family to make recommendations for grant recipients.  It can become a family activity to promote philanthropy as a shared value and goal for you and your children.

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