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A Challenge Grant is an award made to an organization and/or community contingent upon matching funds being raised usually within a special period of time.  Commonly, challenge grants require raising two or three dollars for each grant dollar awarded.

Community Fund Challenge Grant Program
As the name implies, the Community Fund Challenge Grant Program challenges rural communities to establish their own permanent community assets.  The challenge will come in the form of a grant from the STW Foundation made available to select communities that raise new permanent endowment.  The goal of the Community Fund Challenge Grant Program is to ensure that rural areas have permanent resources to address local challenges and opportunities.  Established and supported by local individuals, businesses, and organizations, these community savings accounts will become a source of capital to strengthen the community for generations to come.

Agency Endowment Challenge Grant Program
The Agency Endowment Challenge Grant Program is a competitive program to match funds of non-profit service agencies that establish endowments within the Foundation.  The goals of the program are to assist agencies in building stable endowment funds and assist the STW Development Foundation in building its asset base.